Everyday I thank the Lord for all the opportunities He’s blessed me with. Tomorrow marks the start of a new adventure: Spain for 8 months!

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Escaped to the beach for one last getaway before I leave the Philippines!

(Came back with a huge cut under my chin and needing stitches)

(Caramoan, Philippines, September 2014)

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Wörthersee, Austria (by zacke82)

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Delicious and huge bacon burger at Ve, İstanbul👌🍔🍻


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From London, we decided to visit Northern Ireland for a few days. When we arrived at Heathrow airport we were a bit hungry so we decided to buy some sandwiches at the café. We sat down to eat them and had a conversation that went something like this…
“Our gate closes in 10 minutes.”
“Our gate is 20 minutes away.”
“…what are we still doing sitting here??”
We then started running to our gate (we had to pass another security point pa), but we made it on time!
(London, England, May 2014)

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